"People, and, force, win" Solarway Energy across the 2013- 2012 year-end summary and 2013 New Year's Dinner Sidelights

Date:2013-02-04    Views:622

  January 2013 31 evening, Hefei Solarway  Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 2012 year-end summary and 2013 annual New Year Spring Festival Dinner held in Shushan International Hotel. Companies of all employees attended the banquet, we gathered a total of welcome New Year Year of the Snake.

 The beginning of  the year , Deputy General Manager Mr. Solarway  Energy Causing a first stage opening statement, the company's 2012 annual review and summary of work done in the summary of the pros and cons among the encouragement that we can build on into the new year, to create enterprise brilliant.

  In the meeting, General Manager Mr. Chen Jianbin to the development of the company's 2013 annual plan and prospects were put forward in 2013 to work three main objectives: 1, to strengthen the staff structure of the organization, training staff professional quality, organize technical skills training; 2, pushed forward "system" and "team" two construction; 3, do a good job quality, production and efficiency of the three themes. To achieve these objectives, Chen proposed a "people, and the force, win" words Message, I hope the company in 2013 to the people-oriented, harmony harmony, executive power and thinking, to achieve win-win.

  Finally, I wish Jianbin, general manager: "Let us, under the strong leadership of the Board, closely around the 2013 objectives, to work together to do solid work, the difficulties, bearing in mind the" people, and the force, win "words , so that everything has a goal, a plan, there is implementation, there are inspection, supervision, and there are results. I believe that in 2013 the aspirations and objectives will be achieved! "

  Annual Summary After the meeting, gala dinner then started, employees laughter, enjoy a drink.