Solarbetter Customer-oriented service system

  We offer our customers carefully build a customer-centric technology platform interfaces and product organizations will market, service, research and development, manufacturing, supply and other activities associated with the customer directly connect them to become the customer's own operating organization or team an integral section, full of customer-centric sense of service and concept


  Product Service System

  We provide customers with pre-sale, sale, sale and a full range of services and customer value-added services:

  Provide pre ranging from 0 to 300 hours of immersive research client management services;

  Professional and technical design;

  Installation, commissioning and booking on-site technical support and training services;

  24 hours on-site response service;

  Regular inspection service;

  Warranty service: The company offers a lifetime warranty period of equipment maintenance value-added services;

  Extended warranty service: is an extended warranty on an annual value-added services based on customer demand;

  Regular maintenance services: a service tailored to the customer value-added items, the company authorized to equipment operating site engineer, electric power environmental survey, inspection, equipment operation status checks to ensure that the equipment in the case of compliance with environmental and technical requirements run.


  Support system

  To improve the company's service management structure, convenient, fast, thoughtful panorama technical support system to ensure customer satisfaction.

  Spare Security System

  The company offers a complete grid inverter peripheral equipment, to meet customer demand for one-stop shopping.