Embedded system software development (SCM / DLC /

Job Title: Embedded System Software Development (SCM / DLC / DSP)
Number: 2
Nature of work: Full-time
Work Experience: more than three years
1, electronic engineering, communications engineering, power electronics and related professional degree or above;
2, more than three years of experience in MCU development;
3, familiar with the microcontroller C language, assembly language;
4, familiar with 8, 16, 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) architecture, such as: 51 microcontroller, ARM. Familiar with a variety of common microcontroller peripherals;
5, proficient hardware circuit. Familiar with Protel;
6, with the experience and production technology experience is preferred;
7, requires strong learning and problem-solving skills;
8, with certain communication and collaboration capabilities; honest, there is team spirit.

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